All Things Hold Together In Christ

In this verse (Col 1:17), Paul proclaims that all reality is ultimately united in Jesus—and therefore all divisions are reconciled in Him. We at The Colossian Forum are dedicated to reclaiming this liberating truth and proclaiming it to all who suffer from divisions unreconciled.

A Safe Place For the Riskiest Questions

The Colossian Forum facilitates dialogue on divisive topics within the church and approaches differing perspectives as Christ-given opportunities to build community, expand knowledge, and deepen faith.

What We Do

We host forums on controversial topics concerning faith, science, and culture. Each forum event or series focuses on a single divisive issue where we work through different informed, scholarly perspectives while also confessing our shared faith in Christ.

Forums emphasize the importance of how we treat one another amidst disagreement. Together we worship, hear multiple perspectives, thoughtfully engage, and seek the value of practicing Christian virtues even in conflict. While some forums are a single event, we strive to keep the conversation going after and between public events.

Through leadership guidance and educational resources, we support ongoing discussions that are worshipful and respectful—the kind of exchanges that build strong, charitable community.

Join a New Kind of Conversation 

Our ministry of reconciliation and education is founded on the unity we already share in Christ. This is why, in the midst of our intellectual work, we join together in worship and praying the Psalms. When our Christian unity becomes clear to us, in spite of our differences, we create a context where new practices emerge. Honest listening and gracious speaking can grow.

Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in a new kind of conversation.

Deeper Resources

On this site, you’ll find videos and articles—and soon, study materials and curricula. We are eager to support like-minded projects through consulting, speaking, and targeted research.