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Tim Stafford on “A Tale of Two Scientists” and “Science as a Gift”

Posted by  on September 3, 2012

Tim Stafford of Christianity Today recently wrote a piece titled A Tale of Two Scientists: What Really Happened ‘in the Beginning.’ There Stafford highlights the faith stories and intellectual pursuits of Todd Wood, a young-earth creationist and director of the Center for Origins Research, and Darrel Falk, an evolutionary creationist and president of the Biologos Foundation. This feature story is the first chapter of a forthcoming book by Stafford, a project commissioned and underwritten by The Colossian Forum.

Along with Stafford’s Christianity Today piece, he also sat down with us to discuss the church’s obligation to accept science as a gift.

This is a fascinating piece and an insightful film. We encourage you to take a look!

Matthew Dodrill

Matt Dodrill is a Junior Fellow of The Colossian Forum responsible for blogging, editorial work, research and writing. He holds a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Calvin College, and is pursuing an MDiv at Duke Divinity School. His convictions continue to be shaped by the cultural and theological concerns of the Southern Baptist Church, which was the tradition of his upbringing. His interests include Patristics, ethics, and 19th and 20th century Roman Catholic theology. Given his Baptist roots, he is also interested in the doctrine of the Holy Spirit within the Free Church tradition, especially as it concerns the Spirit’s role in reconciling conflicting members of Free Church congregations. Before coming to the Forum, Matt worked as a hitting and fielding instructor for youth baseball players, as well as an umpire. He and his wife, Abigail, have newborn twin daughters.

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