Our History

We started out as an organization with the goal of trying to have a better conversation on the topic of human origins within the church. We desired to show Christians that there is a better way forward than stubborn debate between Christian evolutionists and creationists—and that perhaps Christ can use our differences to teach us how to grow in grace and love toward one another.

The need to help Christians have a better conversation on all kinds of divisive topics became soon apparent. Today, we focus on how to engage many divisive issues at the intersection of faith, science, and culture in faithful ways that build up the body of Christ.

Our Mission

The Colossian Forum facilitates dialogue on divisive topics and approaches differing perspectives as Christ-given opportunities to build community, expand knowledge, and deepen faith.

Our Vision

Our vision is of a transformed church that is charitable, thoughtful, and able to engage tough problems—a church that knows even in disagreements, “all things hold together in Christ.”


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