The Colossian Forum Staff

Michael Gulker

Michael Gulker is President of The Colossian Forum. A native of West Michigan, he studied philosophy and theology at Calvin College, and received his Master’s of Divinity from Duke in 2005. Michael was then ordained as a Mennonite pastor, serving for five years at Christ Community Church in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2011, he helped found The Colossian Forum to aid churches in creating space for Christians to honestly and directly engage today’s most divisive cultural issues, encountering them not as threats but as Christ-given opportunities to build community, deepen faith and broaden knowledge. This work is built upon the foundational Christian belief that all things hold together in Christ (Col. 1:17).

Michael and his wife Jodie have two young children. He enjoys hiking, fishing, and running, especially if he can convince one of his family members to join him in it!

Rob Barrett
Director of Forums & Scholarship

Rob Barrett is Director of Forums & Scholarship for The Colossian Forum. He has PhDs both in Applied Physics from Stanford University and Theology from Durham University in England. He worked as a research scientist at IBM for over ten years, as a professor of Old Testament and Hebrew in England, and most recently as a postdoctoral researcher of Old Testament in Göttingen, Germany.

Rob has numerous publications in fields ranging from biblical studies to physics, data storage technology, and human-computer interaction, and holds many patents. He has also earned degrees from Washington University in St. Louis and Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia.  His varied background is unified by his longstanding interest in the intersection of faith, Bible, science/technology, and culture. Rob and his wife Crystal have two young children.

Rebecca Cobern

Rebecca Cobern is an intern at TCF and is currently pursuing a masters degree in Theological Studies at Calvin Theological Seminary. She has spent several years in college ministry, and works to build Christian intentional communities with believers from different denominational backgrounds.
Rebecca is drawn to TCF because of the organization’s dedication to creating environments where Christians who have differences in belief can come together in love to learn and help one another grow closer to Christ while working through disagreements and difficult topics. 

Rebecca is fond of hiking, cooking, learning guitar, and reading. She hopes to write a blog someday on the adventures of urban foraging!

Jeanna Boase
Administrative Assistant

Jeanna Boase is Administrative Assistant at The Colossian Forum and attends Grand Rapids Theological Seminary for her MA in Counseling with a focus in Student and Family Ministries. With her experience coaching high school cheerleading and leading youth group, she is deeply interested in providing healing for the multitude of issues that teens face in their faith journey.

One of the reasons she is drawn to TCF is for the shared value of character formation for reconciliation to Christ and in our relationships with each other. She is intrigued by the notion that the reality of Christ’s love and unity is rooted in our willingness to embrace vulnerability as we humbly lean into the difficult conversations with a heart tuned to the other.

Jeanna enjoys being a part of a team while serving others with administrative support and believes that being a participant in the practices of virtue has broadened her capacity to love more fully. Contributing to TCF has been a great blessing in her life and provides a daily reminder of God’s transforming grace.

Andy Saur
Executive Assistant

Andy Saur serves as the Executive Assistant to the President of The Colossian Forum. With his strong interest in building interpersonal connections and his overarching passion for story, Andy was drawn to The Colossian Forum’s mission of building community in the midst of varying narratives. He is particularly interested in the way in which story encountered through the arts helps grow understanding and compassion.

Andy earned a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) and recently completed a diploma in Entertainment Business Management from Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, BC). In his spare time, Andy seeks sunshine and an empty city bench where he attempts to create art of his own in the form of poetry.

Craig Schrotenboer
Director of Operations

Craig Schrotenboer is Director of Operations at The Colossian Forum. His professional background includes 26 years at Herman Miller, followed by a transition to the non-profit sector with Davenport University, Youth For Christ, and most recently KIDS HOPE USA. During his time as Vice President at KIDS HOPE, Craig captured a vision for the influence that a local church can have in the community in which it worships. This passion brings him to TCF, where his work will help the church to engage conflict in a way that witnesses to the transforming love of God.

Craig and his wife Sherry have four adult children (three of whom are triplets), two grandchildren, three dogs and a cat. He enjoys tennis, golf, and spending time with his family at their cottage on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.

Lori Wilson
Manager of Communications

Lori Wilson serves as Manager of Communications for The Colossian Forum. As the daughter of Baptist missionaries, she spent much of her childhood in Argentina, returning to the US to study Spanish literature at the Colorado College. Lori recently completed studies for an MA in systematic theology at King’s College London. Her work with the Forum reflects her interest in the Christian practice of hospitality–particularly, what it means to genuinely welcome those with whom we deeply disagree.

Lori serves on the board of Paraclete Mission Group and the advisory board of Kenya Matters. She and her husband Kurt (also an MK) have two teenagers. As a family, they especially enjoy cooking, good movies, and travel.