Upcoming Events

jilldevriesphotography-141Christian Engagement with Issues of Human Sexuality

For five days, August 11-15, The Colossian Forum will apply our model of worship, work, and dialogue to yet another area in which Christians experience intense cultural pressure. A group of outstanding church leaders, academic experts, and thought leaders will come together for a week-long colloquium to prayerfully pursue Christian faithfulness in the area of human sexuality. Scholars, pastors, and writers will offer valuable and complementary insights to help the church receive challenges like this, not as threats that divide, but as gifts by which the Holy Spirit builds community, expands knowledge, and deepens faith. 

In coordination with the colloquium, we will host two public forums on the evenings of August 13 and August 14 where these leaders will engage a wider audience. In these evening forums we will pray together, share the perspectives and insights of these leaders, and continue our colloquium conversations with the larger gathered audience. 

More information on the colloquium and public forums is available here


Wood & Falk August '13Discussion Series on the Origins of Human Existence

We will hold a series of meetings throughout 2014, continuing the conversation between evolutionary creationists and young earth creationists. TCF Fellows and scientists Darrel Falk and Todd Wood represent two different positions at these events, and we invite other Christian scientists to join the conversation around the country. Some events are invitation-only while others are open to the public.

TCF gathers these scientists with the goal of working and worshiping together; discussing motivations that drive their research; and ultimately, lessening the contentious divide between various groups by highlighting what each has to offer to scientific development and to the kingdom of God.