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This 8 minute video captures the central vision and direction of The Colossian Forum. We hope you enjoy it and remember to visit our About & Resources pages to learn more.

Michael Gulker: The Mission of the Colossian Forum

Vic Minish: A Fresh Conversation

Christina VanDyke: The Political Climate

Carla Sanderson: All Things Hold Together

Michael Gulker: Bound Together in Christ

C. Ben Mitchell: Conversations Take Time

Matt Dodrill: Involvement with The Colossian Forum

James K.A. Smith: What’s at Stake?

Larry Borst: Where are Students Getting Answers?

Larry Borst: Joining the Conversation

James K.A. Smith: Science as a Cultural Force

James K.A. Smith: Process as Important as Product

James K.A. Smith: Colossians and Idolatry

Jack Roeda: Safe Places to Talk

Don Huizinga: World Created by Jesus for Jesus

Don Huizinga: Forums, Fears and Worship

Michael Gulker: The Psalms and Science

Michael Gulker: Practices and Tradition

Mark Noll: Incarnation and Scientific Exploration

Johnny Miller: Christians and Science

George Guichelaar: Forced to Choose

Michael Gulker: Nothing to Fear

Tim Stafford: Science as a Gift

C. Ben Mitchell: Divisions in the Church

Ben Mitchell: Science, Faith and The Stakeholders

Mark Noll: A Galileo Moment?

The Colossian Forum Trailer